Chocolate Fountains

CF2 Fountain our newest fountain
A Brand New Fountain Concept

We are so excited to be able to bring you from the new wave of chocolate fountain experience

Imagine not 1, but 2 different flavours of chocolate cascading down a beautiful centrepiece for your event

Make sure you are one of the first to showcase this brand new twist on any special event must have.

Chocolate Fountains
The Chocolate Fountain

Imagine a ripe delicious strawberry being dipped through a flowing curtain of warm, melted Belgian Chocolate! Say “Good-bye” to the Fondue Pot!

The Chocolate Fondue Fountain is an innovative product that elegantly enhances your buffet, wedding reception, or special event, by offering a new dimension in Chocolate Fondue!
Restaurants, Hotels, Catering Companies, and event planners have a limited variety of unique food service items to excite their clients…Until now!

You will be amazed as you dip strawberries and other delicious desserts through the flowing “chocolate waterfall” and create chocolate covered delicacies. The Chocolate Fountain has become the ultimate experience in Chocolate Fondue!